Double Standards

As someone in high school with a Facebook, with many high school girls as friends, I’ve encountered many, many double standards in the dating world, some of them fairly popular, (even outside of high school girls) many of them not so much:

  • Guy cheats on girl, its his fault. Girl cheats on guy, its his fault.
  • He better not flirt with anyone else; he better not have a problem with me flirting with other guys
  • He will NOT have a password on his phone, I need to get in there; he better not even think about looking into my phone

To name a few. Now, the last thing I want to do is imply that I think that only girls come up with these double standards– I just happen to encounter them a lot more often. Probably as a result of the circles I hang around in.

Those who know me, know that sometimes I come to a conclusion and get excited about what I’ve figured out, even if it might be obvious to other people. This is one of those times:

There are many reasons double standards aren’t good, but I figured out yesterday why they logically do not work:

Man cheats on woman, it is the man’s fault. Makes sense, because it was the man’s responsibility to be faithful to the woman. Logically, this should extend to: Woman cheats on man, it is the woman’s fault– but this double standard says that it doesn’t. Woman cheats on man, it is still the man’s fault for not satisfying the woman adequately. Logically, this would lead to: Man cheats on woman, it is the woman’s fault. But it doesn’t.

You could go on like that forever, because logically, double standards do not work.

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