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Slavery and Rip-Offs

At my school, we have this group called FFA. I can’t remember what it stands for, but it has to do with agriculture. They do like, land judging, and stuff like that.

Anyway, their biggest (and only) fund raiser is a labor auction. (used to be called a slave auction, but they figured that was politically incorrect) Most of us still call it the slave auction. What it is, is people can bid on people for a day of labor. I’ve been told that the highest this year was $875, but most people get “bought” for about $250.

Assuming that one day is eight hours, which is a pretty safe assumption:

$250 is $31.25 an hour. Kinda up there, right?

Well, $875 is $109.38 an hour. When I worked at McDonald’s, it took me two or three days to make what they’re making (Well, making for FFA) in an hour.

In 1850, an American slave cost (adjusted for inflation) about $40,000. On average, they lived to 21 years old and started work at, as a low estimate, 5 years old. So lets say 16 years of labor. 16 years comes out to about 5,840 days. $40,000 over 5,840 days comes out to $6.85 a day.

A modern slave costs $90, and has a lifespan (after purchase) of 7 years, or 2555 days, Which comes out to 4 cents a day.

So, to recap:

FFA “slave:” $250- $875 for one day

Slave in 1850: $6.85 per day

Slave today: $0.04 per day

Why would I pay almost $1,000 for a day of labor, if I could pay less than $100 for someone to do absolutely anything I want?

I do realize how ridiculous this sounds, I just thought it’d be funny to look at