How did a sarcastic status turn into a statement about society?

About a week ago, I posted a status on Facebook advocating gay marriage. It was sarcasm, and what it really sounded like was that I was against gay marriage, and stupid. But I thought it was still pretty obviously sarcastic. This was followed by a well-intentioned person, lets call her Sarah, thinking I was being serious and “gettin’ in my grill,” as they say. What follows is that status and her comments.

Number one reason to keep gay marriage illegal: We, as Americans, are almost out of people to look down upon as second-class citizens

Sarah: You’re probably gonna end up gay, stop talking s**t

Me: Cause you know, this totally isn’t sarcasm or anything. If I were being serious, would I really say “look down on” and call them second-class citizens? People who are actually prejudiced usually don’t know they’re prejudiced.

S: Not wasting my time with this. I’m not even going to waste time reading your comment. Bye court.

M: Sarah… does this status sound like someone who is actually homophobic to you? There are two things you can do to answer that question: a. Actually read my comment, and b. use your brain for a second. I am extremely liberal. For a month or so, every status I posted was advocating gay marriage. And, as I said in the comment that you won’t waste your time reading, this is not the language someone who is anti-gay would use.

S: Bye court again I’m not wasting my time

M: Are you retarded? [I realize that wasn’t cool of me, but put yourself in my situation. Justified? Absolutely not. But I’d like to think its more understandable)

S: Are you?

S again: Maybe you should get off Facebook and go do something with your life. You won’t win this Internet fight/battle. Bye.

M: Sarah… I am for gay marriage. THIS STATUS IS SARCASM

And that is when she stopped commenting. More comments followed, all of them calling Sarah stupid, but she wasn’t heard from again. I even messaged her a couple days later to make sure she knew I was pro marriage equality, but she probably didn’t read it.

Now, why am I telling you about this? Because it’s funny? Yes, I think its hilarious, but that’s reason #2. Reason #1, as the title suggests, is that I believe this made an interesting statement about society.

Most people would probably just think she’s stupid (especially since this isn’t the first hint I’ve gotten towards that conclusion) and move on with their lives, but I didn’t. I found it so surprising that anyone could think that a status using words such as “second-class citizen,” and “look down upon” was serious; because those are words that people would use if they know they’re being prejudiced, and like I said, I find that most people who are prejudiced don’t realize it; that I figured it must say something deeper than that. So I thought about it.

I think this says very upsetting things about the state of discourse on this issue, and others, today. I could say I’m against gay marriage, not because of religious reasons or anything like that, but because I look down on gays and don’t believe them to be first-class citizens like the rest of us–and someone took that seriously. She didn’t stop to think that I’m being sarcastic, even given the ridiculousness of what I said, and even given what a tolerant, liberal person I thought she knew me to be. As I’ve said several times, yes, she was just being stupid, but after awhile, I started to see why she might have thought that. Although I’ve never had the displeasure of meeting them, stories from others tell me that there are people out there who would indeed say something like what I said, not being sarcastic.

I think that’s just pathetic. I can kind of see why you’d be against it for religious, or even moral, reasons. But the fact that there is a fairly significant number of people out there who oppose same sex marriage because they look down upon homosexuals as second-class citizens is just sickening. A lot of times, these are the very same people who talk about how offended they are that Republicans are second-class citizens in this country. Which is, first of all, an opinion that draws nothing from reality to reach its conclusion. And second of all, do they not see the hypocrisy in that? “It really grinds my gears that conservatives are so persecuted in this country! Oh, the gays? You mean our second-class citizens?”

I’ve forgotten the point of this. I guess it just kind of turned into a rant. But even without the point that I originally intended, it is a pretty interesting thing to think about, I think.

P.S.  I think its pretty funny that my page says “updated nightly,” but I don’t update often enough to remember where the publish button is xD I’m sorry, I’m trying to work on that.

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