Why all of your “arguments” against evolution fail to disprove it

If the scientific community discovered something that disproved the Theory of Evolution, (a scientific theory is different than a theory in other contexts) they would either trash the whole theory, or change it to fit the new discovery. That’s how science works. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be science any more.

While it is a popular belief (and one I can sort of understand, I suppose) that because we don’t know certain things about evolution, that disproves it, that just isn’t true– We technically don’t know everything there is to know about anything, but most of it is still widely accepted as true. Gravity, for example.

Furthermore, “atheist” or “agnostic” cannot be translated to “evolutionary biologist, Ph.D.” Just because I can’t answer your ridiculous questions does not mean that evolution is false. Why is it that when some peoples’ religious beliefs are questioned, they don’t need evidence, that’s why it’s called faith; but when evolution comes into the discussion, the tons and tons of evidence we have is not enough?

Well, I believe I’ve said what I meant to say here. If you want to learn to better understand evolution, here’s a fabulous video in which Hank Green explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3GagfbA2vo&list=PL3EED4C1D684D3ADF

P.S.: I’m considering writing short fiction stories to be posted here. What I’ll probably end up doing, if I do it at all, will be to make another site here at WordPress, and link to each new post there with a P.S. on each new post here.

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2 responses to “Why all of your “arguments” against evolution fail to disprove it”

  1. Acapelly says :

    Not that I’m saying it doesn’t exist but: A lot of the time people emphasize a misconception that religious also means ‘creationist’. Creationism is not a very common belief among Christians, at least.

    • dcourtland says :

      That is a good point, which I agree with and don’t mean to sound contrary to. However, while there are indeed a lot of religious people who aren’t creationists, I would argue that there probably aren’t a whole lot of creationists that aren’t religious. So (in my case at least, and it seems like it would be in others) it’s probably less of a misconception and more, not knowing how to put it in such a way that it doesn’t sound like that. Or being too lazy to.

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