Insomniatic Ramblings [World War II and the Female Liberation Movement]

I was thinking tonight, and I believe that if not for World War II, the Female Liberation Movement would have happened very differently. Now, stay with me here, because I’m going to go backwards before I explain myself. Hitler came to power largely on account of the horrible outcome for Germany in World War I, and their awful deal in the Treaty of Versailles. Therefore, since one of the biggest causes of World War I was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip, (and five other conspirators, but ultimately Princip was the only one that was successful at all) one could make the argument that if any one thing in the life of Gavrilo Princip up to that point had been different, its very possible that the Female Liberation Movement wouldn’t have happened, or at least would have happened differently, and probably later on. (Princip is as far back as my knowledge of history can take this for me, but I’m sure I could take it a lot further after some research, if I wanted to)

Okay, now I’ll explain what I mean. Up until World War II, there were very clear gender roles: The man worked, the woman stayed at home. Nobody even really questioned this. (Well, they did, but they were a very small portion of the population at this point) Now, here comes along America’s involvement in World War II, in 1942. The amount of men sent overseas is unprecedented, and we lose quite a bit of our workforce, while also needing more workers for military production. People start thinking of women as viable options for out-of-house work, such as in airplane factories.

Now a larger portion of the female population is thinking that this whole ‘working out of the house’ thing is pretty sweet. The men are naturally opposed to this at first, but then they realize that this means more money coming into the household, so they’re okay with it. Which is where the economic boom of the ’50s possibly came from.

….. I forgot where I was going with this. Something about daycares, and MRS degrees, and such.

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