A few meta things, including a thank you note

First, I just wanna say thanks to all of you who are giving me my early traffic! It really means a lot– I started this blog in the hopes of getting out there, and actually doing something in life, and I don’t care how many views I get, I’m gonna keep doing it for that reason, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I DO get views. I’ve had a total of 40 views– 14 was the highest in one day, and 13 is the average per day– which may not seem like a lot to some of you, but it’s a lot more than I was expecting to have at this point. So, I’d like to thank all 40 of those views, and all future views for taking the time to listen to what this small town high school student has to say!

Secondly, if any of you has a request/suggestion for me to write about, either private message me or (not completely sure you can do that here, to be honest, haha) comment on this (or any) post. If you don’t have an account here but you have a request, (or feedback) no need to make one! Just email me at ccm52896@gmail.com 😀

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you again. I plan to stick with the ‘daily’ posting schedule, you guys will be updated if that changes. Maybe I’ll get a more specfic topic than “stuff” ironed out at some point, haha, but I don’t see that happening.

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