Playhouse Ponderings

Before I start, I’d like to clarify that by “Playhouse,” I mean the ones found in some McDonald’s, Burger King, etc., locations. (Or at least I think I can say etc. I don’t remember seeing them anywhere other than those two, but I’m sure there are others)

Now, before I get into my thoughts related to the playhouse, I have a semi-entertaining story to share: (If you didn’t read my first post, I currently work at McDonald’s) When I got my job at McDonald’s, one of the biggest things I was excited for was getting an excuse to go into the playhouse for some reason or another. A couple months passed, and I forgot about this dream of mine. But then, around my third month of employment, it finally happened: an excuse to go into the playhouse, and clean it. So I grabbed my towel and sanitizer spray, and went into it. My first thought was, “Wow, this place is a lot smaller than I remember.” So, I guess they shrunk it for some reason, or something. So much so, in fact, that I got stuck for a good two minutes in a certain place. There’s also this place that is connected by netting, and meant to shake when you go across it. (its supported by beams, there’s no real danger, but it sure as hell feels like it) I have a horrible fear of heights, but I thought I’d at least overcome that. Nope. Had to abort that leg of the mission because I was scared to death. On my way out, I somehow managed to spray myself in the eye with sanitizer. Got all over my glasses, as well as in my eye. Thankfully, I am not dead, and I can still see out of that eye, haha. So, yeah. Not nearly as fun an experience as I thought it would be. Now on to my thoughts 😀

Today at work, while talking to a couple who’s little daughter was playing in the playhouse, I had a few thoughts about it, some of them involving metaphors for life:

1. The playhouse is a scary place at almost any age, though for different reasons: when you’re little, its big and you can get lost easily; when you’re grown up, its small and you can hurt yourself or get stuck. I think there’s a sweet spot at around 8-11 where its not scary for either reason.

2. When you’re little, its both scary and a learning experience. You learn how to find your way around places, persistence, and a little bit of courage. When you’re big, its just scary, there’s really nothing to learn.

3. Today, the couple’s daughter was right by the entry to the exit slide, but she couldn’t find it. I feel that this is a metaphor for life: Sometimes the answer is right under your nose, but you can’t see it.

That’s all, thanks for reading! 😀

Have you ever learned a life lesson from an extremely unlikely place? If so, share in the comments! 😀

2 responses to “Playhouse Ponderings”

  1. Acapelley says :

    I work at a summer camp over the summer. I went into it absolutely hating children, feeling superior, etc. Long story short, I now absolutely love children and they have taught me way more than I ever dreamed to have learned!

    • dcourtland says :

      That’s awesome! Oddly enough, McDonald’s kinda taught me the same thing, though probably to a much lesser extent: Little kids used to annoy me, but now I (mostly) think they’re just the cutest things!

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