My First Post :D

Hello, all (none, so far, haha) of you. I’d like to use my first entry to tell you all a little about myself, and lay out why I started this blog, and my goals for it.

My name is Courtland. (Pause for a moment to say “Hello, Courtland” if you would be so kind) I was born, and (mostly) raised in a small town called Lincoln, Alabama. At 13 years old, I moved to a town in the panhandle of Nebraska called Scottsbluff, where I currently reside. The title of my blog has a double meaning. I am a Democrat (rest assured, I’ll try to make sure most of my posts aren’t political) but I will also try to say the things that need to be said. A lot of my posts will be about social issues, things that grind my gears, or sometimes just some thoughts I have. But, I digress. I’m not a very outgoing person, I seem pretty lame to those who don’t know me, but those who do know me think I’m great. I play the guitar, though anyone in my house will tell you I’m not very good, haha. I’m a junior in high school, and I compete in speech, this season doing extemporaneous and duet. (Extemporaneous is where you draw a topic and get half an hour to an hour to write a 4.5 minute speech on it, using pre-filed research, and my duet script is Devious Dating by David Burton, in which we just got back from a first date, and I intrude her apartment) I also act when I can, playing an extra in this year’s One Act play, Hello Herman by John Buffalo Mailer, about a fictional school shooting. Well, that’s all I can think to say about me. Let’s get on to the second objective of this entry: To lay out my goals and reasons for this blog.

I’ve spent the last several years very badly: Not doing anything with my life and doing whatever I can to avoid blaming myself for the problems that have come along with it. I recently read an article on that changed all that: 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person ( by David Wong, and I decided that since I like writing and having an audience, I would start by making a blog. I don’t have many goals for this blog, except to post to it semi-regularly, and at least garner a couple of readers, maybe make some people think, get some things off my chest, and maybe change a mind or two.

Thanks for reading! 😀

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