“I was just in the drive-through, and I didn’t get…No, I left my receipt at home”

So, I work at McDonald’s. (Until the 7th anyway, haha) Almost all of our customers (or “guests” as they like us to call them) are good, nice, honest people. But every now and then, we get some not-so-honest people. Take last week, for example: This guys comes in three days in a row; each day smelling like major marijuana, and each day saying he just came through the drive-through, ordered a large Dr. Pepper, (Almost embarrasses me to be Pepper drinker myself!) didn’t get it, and left his receipt at home.

The first day, we didn’t say anything, because people come in without their receipts all the time, having honestly ordered and paid for something they didn’t receive, Also, in my town, people smelling like marijuana isn’t a rarity either, (though its never as strong as this guy, he’s not a very smart stoner) so we didn’t really think twice about it. Its best to give the benefit of the doubt, anyway. The second day, we got kinda suspicious, obviously. But we didn’t say anything, because we figured he might have just gotten very unlucky. The third day, however, was when we could tell something was afoot. I didn’t do anything, cause I just clean lobby, but the behind-the-counter people tried to give him carbonated water (kind of a dick move, but come on? Three days in a row? He kind of deserved it) but he didn’t go for that. Which wasn’t surprising– had he ordered Sprite, it would have been better.

Which brings me to the second happening: The other day, this girl walks in. I happen to know her, and know she isn’t exactly the most honest person around. She goes to the counter and says “I was just in the drive-through, and I didn’t get my Big Mac, two 20-piece nuggets, three Dr. Peppers, a Coke, and large fry…No, I forgot my receipt at home.” Ok. So, I’m not saying she definitely wasn’t being honest, but that’s a pretty extravagant claim, someone would have had to have messed up big time for that to have happened.

Now, I don’t mean to say that any extravagant claim in this context is automatically dishonest–a guy came in yesterday, (It was a gentleman in a green shirt, if I recall) saying that he ordered 3 20-piece nuggets (That’s 60 nuggets) and didn’t get them. I’m sorry to admit that I believed him, mostly because he was a larger gentleman. Then I got skeptical (didn’t say it, because I wasn’t talking to him anyway) until he pulled out his receipt. And also, we did end up finding out that someone messed up in a pretty major way.

So what’s the point of this, you may ask? Don’t be dishonest, and try to always bring your receipt when saying you didn’t get something, especially if you were skipped out on a lot of stuff, or this is the third day in a row this has happened.

9 responses to ““I was just in the drive-through, and I didn’t get…No, I left my receipt at home””

  1. Acapelley says :

    I personally try to assume people are not lying. Better to assume the best and not stress than to assume the worst and freak out. Then again, you can’t let people take advantage of you. I find it wise to find a happy medium of ignorance and skepticism. I also like to remember that good people can do bad things, not to pardon murderers, but it’s true.

    • dcourtland says :

      Yeah. I tried to get it across that I assume people are telling the truth except in major circumstances like the first two I mentioned. And I do not at all figure they’re bad people just cause they do that, if that’s the impression I gave D:

      • Acapelley says :

        Not at all! Just something relevant I suppose! It got me thinking about stuff like that and I decided I would share it. No need to freak out. 😛 I got exactly that impression.

      • dcourtland says :

        Ok, good, haha. Something else that’s relevant that I forgot to put in the original post: If they have their receipt, its still very possible that they got their food, they’re just lying to get double the amount. :O

      • Acapelley says :

        Also true, I suppose. Well I try not to concern myself all too much with suspicion! I, personally, am trying to practice my trust in people. That is something I believe people are losing in this day and age. It’s too bad really because it’s a powerful feeling!

      • dcourtland says :

        Yeah, I do too, I just “like” (and by like, I mean dislike, it just happens) to think about stuff like that.

  2. Acapelley says :

    Of course negativity happens. It’s, sadly, unavoidable! You just have to learn to live with it I guess. Sad, but true fact of life.

  3. Acapelley says :

    Glad I could help you.

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