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A few meta things, including a thank you note

First, I just wanna say thanks to all of you who are giving me my early traffic! It really means a lot– I started this blog in the hopes of getting out there, and actually doing something in life, and I don’t care how many views I get, I’m gonna keep doing it for that reason, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I DO get views. I’ve had a total of 40 views– 14 was the highest in one day, and 13 is the average per day– which may not seem like a lot to some of you, but it’s a lot more than I was expecting to have at this point. So, I’d like to thank all 40 of those views, and all future views for taking the time to listen to what this small town high school student has to say!

Secondly, if any of you has a request/suggestion for me to write about, either private message me or (not completely sure you can do that here, to be honest, haha) comment on this (or any) post. If you don’t have an account here but you have a request, (or feedback) no need to make one! Just email me at 😀

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you again. I plan to stick with the ‘daily’ posting schedule, you guys will be updated if that changes. Maybe I’ll get a more specfic topic than “stuff” ironed out at some point, haha, but I don’t see that happening.

Playhouse Ponderings

Before I start, I’d like to clarify that by “Playhouse,” I mean the ones found in some McDonald’s, Burger King, etc., locations. (Or at least I think I can say etc. I don’t remember seeing them anywhere other than those two, but I’m sure there are others)

Now, before I get into my thoughts related to the playhouse, I have a semi-entertaining story to share: (If you didn’t read my first post, I currently work at McDonald’s) When I got my job at McDonald’s, one of the biggest things I was excited for was getting an excuse to go into the playhouse for some reason or another. A couple months passed, and I forgot about this dream of mine. But then, around my third month of employment, it finally happened: an excuse to go into the playhouse, and clean it. So I grabbed my towel and sanitizer spray, and went into it. My first thought was, “Wow, this place is a lot smaller than I remember.” So, I guess they shrunk it for some reason, or something. So much so, in fact, that I got stuck for a good two minutes in a certain place. There’s also this place that is connected by netting, and meant to shake when you go across it. (its supported by beams, there’s no real danger, but it sure as hell feels like it) I have a horrible fear of heights, but I thought I’d at least overcome that. Nope. Had to abort that leg of the mission because I was scared to death. On my way out, I somehow managed to spray myself in the eye with sanitizer. Got all over my glasses, as well as in my eye. Thankfully, I am not dead, and I can still see out of that eye, haha. So, yeah. Not nearly as fun an experience as I thought it would be. Now on to my thoughts 😀

Today at work, while talking to a couple who’s little daughter was playing in the playhouse, I had a few thoughts about it, some of them involving metaphors for life:

1. The playhouse is a scary place at almost any age, though for different reasons: when you’re little, its big and you can get lost easily; when you’re grown up, its small and you can hurt yourself or get stuck. I think there’s a sweet spot at around 8-11 where its not scary for either reason.

2. When you’re little, its both scary and a learning experience. You learn how to find your way around places, persistence, and a little bit of courage. When you’re big, its just scary, there’s really nothing to learn.

3. Today, the couple’s daughter was right by the entry to the exit slide, but she couldn’t find it. I feel that this is a metaphor for life: Sometimes the answer is right under your nose, but you can’t see it.

That’s all, thanks for reading! 😀

Have you ever learned a life lesson from an extremely unlikely place? If so, share in the comments! 😀

“I was just in the drive-through, and I didn’t get…No, I left my receipt at home”

So, I work at McDonald’s. (Until the 7th anyway, haha) Almost all of our customers (or “guests” as they like us to call them) are good, nice, honest people. But every now and then, we get some not-so-honest people. Take last week, for example: This guys comes in three days in a row; each day smelling like major marijuana, and each day saying he just came through the drive-through, ordered a large Dr. Pepper, (Almost embarrasses me to be Pepper drinker myself!) didn’t get it, and left his receipt at home.

The first day, we didn’t say anything, because people come in without their receipts all the time, having honestly ordered and paid for something they didn’t receive, Also, in my town, people smelling like marijuana isn’t a rarity either, (though its never as strong as this guy, he’s not a very smart stoner) so we didn’t really think twice about it. Its best to give the benefit of the doubt, anyway. The second day, we got kinda suspicious, obviously. But we didn’t say anything, because we figured he might have just gotten very unlucky. The third day, however, was when we could tell something was afoot. I didn’t do anything, cause I just clean lobby, but the behind-the-counter people tried to give him carbonated water (kind of a dick move, but come on? Three days in a row? He kind of deserved it) but he didn’t go for that. Which wasn’t surprising– had he ordered Sprite, it would have been better.

Which brings me to the second happening: The other day, this girl walks in. I happen to know her, and know she isn’t exactly the most honest person around. She goes to the counter and says “I was just in the drive-through, and I didn’t get my Big Mac, two 20-piece nuggets, three Dr. Peppers, a Coke, and large fry…No, I forgot my receipt at home.” Ok. So, I’m not saying she definitely wasn’t being honest, but that’s a pretty extravagant claim, someone would have had to have messed up big time for that to have happened.

Now, I don’t mean to say that any extravagant claim in this context is automatically dishonest–a guy came in yesterday, (It was a gentleman in a green shirt, if I recall) saying that he ordered 3 20-piece nuggets (That’s 60 nuggets) and didn’t get them. I’m sorry to admit that I believed him, mostly because he was a larger gentleman. Then I got skeptical (didn’t say it, because I wasn’t talking to him anyway) until he pulled out his receipt. And also, we did end up finding out that someone messed up in a pretty major way.

So what’s the point of this, you may ask? Don’t be dishonest, and try to always bring your receipt when saying you didn’t get something, especially if you were skipped out on a lot of stuff, or this is the third day in a row this has happened.

My First Post :D

Hello, all (none, so far, haha) of you. I’d like to use my first entry to tell you all a little about myself, and lay out why I started this blog, and my goals for it.

My name is Courtland. (Pause for a moment to say “Hello, Courtland” if you would be so kind) I was born, and (mostly) raised in a small town called Lincoln, Alabama. At 13 years old, I moved to a town in the panhandle of Nebraska called Scottsbluff, where I currently reside. The title of my blog has a double meaning. I am a Democrat (rest assured, I’ll try to make sure most of my posts aren’t political) but I will also try to say the things that need to be said. A lot of my posts will be about social issues, things that grind my gears, or sometimes just some thoughts I have. But, I digress. I’m not a very outgoing person, I seem pretty lame to those who don’t know me, but those who do know me think I’m great. I play the guitar, though anyone in my house will tell you I’m not very good, haha. I’m a junior in high school, and I compete in speech, this season doing extemporaneous and duet. (Extemporaneous is where you draw a topic and get half an hour to an hour to write a 4.5 minute speech on it, using pre-filed research, and my duet script is Devious Dating by David Burton, in which we just got back from a first date, and I intrude her apartment) I also act when I can, playing an extra in this year’s One Act play, Hello Herman by John Buffalo Mailer, about a fictional school shooting. Well, that’s all I can think to say about me. Let’s get on to the second objective of this entry: To lay out my goals and reasons for this blog.

I’ve spent the last several years very badly: Not doing anything with my life and doing whatever I can to avoid blaming myself for the problems that have come along with it. I recently read an article on that changed all that: 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person ( by David Wong, and I decided that since I like writing and having an audience, I would start by making a blog. I don’t have many goals for this blog, except to post to it semi-regularly, and at least garner a couple of readers, maybe make some people think, get some things off my chest, and maybe change a mind or two.

Thanks for reading! 😀